Saturday, June 24, 2017

Chosen Paths

Today I woke up with a special thought on my mind. I thought about the paths we choose in life. We have choices on a daily bases. We can choose to eat a slice of toast or eat a bowl of fruit. These choices all bring us to a destination. Our destination in this case will be one of health. We come across different choices on different things in our life everyday. When we stop and look back it is where we landed in life. Make sure you are aware everyday of this concept, so that you may live a life of deep satisfaction of the things you want for your life.

Some days the wrong choices will be more comfortable, more appealing, just easier. Choose to make the choice you want even if its hard and it may feel like its killing you inside that day. For nothing comes easy. The only certain thing is your destination of wealth, health, friendship and love. Keep a balance between all these so that you don't loose track of any in particular. Wanting things will not get you there. It is your effort and input that will get you there.
Make good choices! Have a blessed Saturday everyone. Much love to all.

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